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The Domestic Natural Gas Industry in the United States

During the year 2009 there were more than 460,000 producing gas wells in the United States.  These wells produced a total of 23,550 bcf (billions of cubic feet) of natural gas, or CH4.

Stated another way, the amount of natural gas produced during 2009, if converted to crude oil, or barrel of crude oil equivalents (BOE), would translate to 4.17 billion stock tank barrels (STB) of crude oil.  When refined, a single barrel of crude oil produces approximately 19.5 gallons of automotive gasoline plus other refined products.  Therefore, the equivalent of a total of 81.3 billion gallons of automotive gasoline lie unconverted within the annual natural gas production of the United States.  Using the same calculations, with the only change being the number of gallons of automotive diesel fuel that can be refined from each STB of crude (9.2 gallons), this further translates to 38.4 billion gallons of automotive diesel fuel, or 60% of the diesel requirements of the United States for the most recently reported year (2008).